The global state

@ 30.11.2022

Recent viewing of documentaries on the history of secret societies has led to a whole layer of reflection and conclusions. It is ridiculous to talk about the world behind the scenes. It is ridiculous to talk about conspiracy theories. It's funny to talk about total technotronic control. Ridiculous. Not at all.

Ever since the destruction of the epic tower of Babel, when God created many languages to divide people and people stopped understanding each other, the world has moved in the opposite direction. From the particular to the general. And the progress of science and technology helps in every way possible.

New information technologies, the Internet, international banking and payment systems, non-cash payments, mobile communications - all this shows that the world around us is uniting, consolidating, connecting and intertwining more closely through various channels and paths.

Is that a good thing? As always, there are two sides to the coin. And they are always different. Only one thing is frightening. Man's increasing dependence on technology. The possibility of using the achievements of progress not for the benefit of man, but for their own ulterior, selfish interests of those in power. The possibility of influencing entire nations through the global financial system, credit, loans, exchange rates, inflation. The ability to influence each individual through the collection and management of information about him. The human being is accustomed to the ease of use of technology and is totally unprepared for life without it.

To impose artificial dependence through imaginary convenience and comfort, to accustom people to use, and then by strictly regulating, the rights and procedures for the use of this good, to put people in complete dependence and control them through it. Cashless payments, cards, ATMs. Mobile phone, internet, social media. Passports, taxes, social services.

Say that all this is not around you, that you don't use it or depend on it every day. How comforting to know that any mistake or glitch in the system, or worse, someone else's deliberate action has left you without the ability to use all these services.

How can you enjoy all the benefits the system provides you, but not be dependent on it for everything? What can you do to minimize any possible destructive action of the System in relation to you? There are more questions than answers. But more about that later.

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