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@ 30.11.2022

In recent years a rather vast list of disciplines such as history, geopolitics, political science, religious studies, sociology, and a variety of interdisciplinary disciplines have been increasingly making references to the Jewish nation and its prominent members.

These circumstances do not seem coincidental. Looking through the history of the mankind in the course of millennia we come to the conclusion that the Jewish people have played one of the leading roles in the formation of the modern civilization and, strange as it may seem, still do.

The history of the origins of the Jews is lost in the depths of centuries and is closely intertwined with the Mesopotamian civilization of the Mesopotamia, Babylon, and Ancient Egypt. The history of the writing of the Old and New Testament, and the Bible in general, is still full of mysteries and unexplained details, but let's remember that the Christian concept and the biblical project in general is the conceptual basis of the subsequent European civilization, along with Greek philosophy and the foundations of science.

Thus, the influence of the Jews can be traced from the very beginnings of civilization, note that the religion of the Jews, Judaism, is a closed multi-stage knowledge with degrees of initiation.

The Kabbalah, a collection of ancient Jewish magical knowledge, which inexplicably coexists with the concept of monotheism, occupies a special place.

The Jewish influence on the course of the history of the world is quite interesting. It is odd to think that Jews have always been (or try to be) in high government posts, engaged in science and art, and have always been connected with big money and trade. One may recall at least the biblical story of Joseph, who by the will of fate (or not only fate) happened to be the governor of the Egyptian Pharaoh in the land of the Jews, during the period of the Egyptian yoke upon the Jews. Meanwhile, it is considered shameful for Jews to engage in physical labour, such as farming.

It has been repeatedly stated (also in the Bible) that the Jews are God's chosen people (144,000) to rule over all nations and the whole earth. This has often been the reason for persecuting and often physically exterminating Jews.

While no verifiable proof has yet been found that the Jews are the "Chosen Ones", the fact that the history of this people, its cultural monuments, and primarily its written records remain largely uninvestigated or unseen remains a source of inspiration for the proponents of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy and, considering the analysis of world history, makes it plausible that such suspicions about the implementation of the Jewish programme of world domination have no basis at all.

The dark marks of ancient history, the secret knowledge of the Middle Ages, the institution of Freemasonry, the spread of Jewish influence throughout Europe, the creation of the modern American civilization, the restoration of the state of Israel, the formation of the modern world financial gold and currency system with the invariable reference to the same families (usually European, but with very dense Jewish roots, such as the Rothschilds) make it clear that the Jewish community (both American and European) has been influential in the present period.

Historical facts such as the Holocaust and the restoration of the state of Israel deserve particular attention.

As you know, Adolf Hitler, comparing the Jews to human scum that parasitises other peoples, exterminated them with amazing persistence throughout Europe and in the gas chambers of Dachau, in the camps of Auschwitz, proclaiming the need to cleanse the earth of them.

It was the Holocaust that subsequently became the post-war calling card of Jews across Europe, meanwhile virtually none of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish families in Europe were affected by the repression. Nevertheless, it was this horrific event in the history of all mankind - the Holocaust - that enabled the Jews to cry out to the whole planet about human injustice, to demand their rights to be restored and to be protected from any further encroachment. We can only guess who, when and how, and most importantly for what purpose, planted the "Jewish idea" on Hitler, which with German pedantry and consistency he so zealously embodied, and the bloody benefit which was extracted from its realization by "somebody".

The "Holocaust" still resounds around the world and people humbly bow their heads in remembrance of the victims, but not when reference is made to the sacrifices of dozens of other nations in World War II, the exact number of which we still do not know. History, in human hands, turns out to be a remarkably selective thing.

The restoration of the state of Israel, which ceased to exist centuries ago, is a mystery. It remains a mystery why the empires of the great Maya and Aztecs, the Roman Republic, the Ancient Union of Greek cities, or the empire of Genghis Khan, Tamerlane or Alexander the Great have not been similarly revived until now. Or the Jews managed to haggle a state for themselves as well.

Meanwhile, the consequences of the Jewish state, which literally became an eyesore for the entire Islamic world in the Middle East, are very ambiguous and often tragic. The Intifada is still raging, Jews and Arabs cannot find a common language and determine the rules of peaceful coexistence, rivers of blood continue and will continue to pour down like a torrent, terrorism has become a worldwide phenomenon and the first global threat as a result.

Naturally, odious politicians around the world, who want to make political capital and authority out of any conflict, rush to shout about the clash of the Islamic and Christian civilisations. Once again Jews are sidelined and calculate benefits they derive from the ancient rule of "divide and rule".

We would also like to point out that the U.S. has always been on Israel's side in times of peace and war, supporting it politically and economically, which certainly shows not only the commonality of interests between the two countries, but above all their, in the direct sense of the word, blood kinship. It is no secret that the political and economic elite of the United States has long been made up of Masonic followers, descendants of Jewish immigrants who fled persecution in America.

There is also mention of a "Jewish trail" in a black page in the history of the Crimean Tatar people - the forced deportation of 1944. According to one version, the then international Jewish elite, led by Golda Meyer, negotiated with Joseph Stalin about the actual creation of a Jewish autonomy on the Crimean peninsula. To put it simply, they wanted to give the Crimea to the Jews. There is no thoroughly documented confirmation of this version in the reasons for the deportation of our people, but the very fact of the possibility of such a development and another mentioning of the Jews in the tragedy of another people again fuels anti-Semitic sentiments in people.

By the way, examining the history of the Russian Empire we find mention that the Jews were forbidden to occupy important government posts, and also to engage in trade, they were obliged to live in compact groups in special settlements (slobodka) separately from the rest of the population.

It was the Jews who played the leading role in the 1917 revolution, when the vast majority of the Red Commissars had Jewish names and surnames. Since then, they have occupied all the key positions in the higher echelons of power in the new state, and have consistently held them for almost a century, periodically preparing for a generational change.

In my view, it is disgraceful to Jewish national identity and pride to see examples of parents changing the Jewish names given to their children at birth to conceal their true national identity in order to facilitate advancement in government positions and business success, even in the name of overcoming any difficulties and obstacles in life.

There is no doubt that Jews have played and continue to play an ambiguous role in the history of mankind.

There is no denying the fact that it is among the Jewish people that we can find a great number of talented, and often unconditionally brilliant, representatives of science, art, and business (suffice it to mention Albert Einstein).

However, those various situational aspects in which the Jew is constantly mentioned constantly draw other peoples' attention to them, creating for them not entirely good characteristics and reputations. We believe that this long-suffering but talented nation will long be declared the cause of many of the ills of other nations to which the Jews have or have not had anything to do with.

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