Thoughts on the Future 1: A World Not on Earth

@ 30.11.2022

Observing what is happening, one can draw some very interesting conclusions. While one half of the world is hurtling back to the 19th century, killing each other on all kinds of grounds, multiplying death, hunger, devastation, and suffering, the other half, the more advanced half of humanity, even though suddenly the main problem facing the planet is habitat preservation and solving global problems of sustainable development, dreams of new worlds, real and fictional.

Two opposing tendencies that have settled in the minds of modern international elites have become quite clearly visible. The first is the idea of a meta-universe, a digital world and space. The second idea, as the exact opposite of the first, the conquest of space, at least the nearest, manned flights and landing on the planets of the solar system.

As for laws, rules and regulations, all this has to be established and implemented virtually from scratch, because the digital world provides incomparably more opportunities compared to the real world.

The creation of the digital universe is definitely a breakthrough project in every respect. Parallel reality, entirely self-sufficient, with its own laws and principles, completely changes the face of modern civilization. And quite possibly, it can change the development agenda, because it completely redirects the vector of development from the "objectified" Universe to the digital one. However, the implementation of such a project requires huge investments, both in digital infrastructure and software. Only economically and technologically developed countries can afford such investments.

At the same time, even hypothetically, it is very difficult to imagine how the structure of production and consumption in the digital universe can change, because many things in the digital universe, on the one hand, have no physical embodiment, on the other hand, are estimated in absolutely tangible and impressive amounts of money.

And it is quite possible that in the best traditions of cyber-punk, when information is the highest value and the most interesting for everyone, digital objects will be valued tens or hundreds of times more than any available physical objects.

The exact opposite direction suggests a desire for the conquest of space. However, there are even more questions and problems here. The modern level of technology does not imply that millions, if not millions, at least a few thousand people can go into space, because outer space is quite hostile to the fragile human body, the cost of pilots is still astronomical.

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