About Intellectual and Technological Dominance

@ 30.11.2022

At the moment, the intellectual "race" of brains is not only an economic but also a political issue in today's world. Intellectual potential, technological capabilities and financial resources to implement ideas have come to the fore.

The countries that can create the most favorable conditions for attracting human intellectual capital, both socially, culturally and financially, win. Freedom for realization of creative potential, respect and protection of rights, freedoms and property become unconditional requirements for attraction of the most perspective and talented entrepreneurs and professionals.

The diametrically opposite situation in countries that do not create the above conditions threatens with a total outflow of intellectual elite and talented youth abroad, actually leaving such countries hopelessly lost in the modern technological race.

The second important condition for obtaining and maintaining technological advantage is an available and virtually unlimited financial resource in the form of long and cheap money, available financial expertise, as well as methodological and marketing support.

The combination of promising human capital and financial resources to implement the ideas generated by this capital gives virtually unlimited potential for development, and is a completely undeniable advantage for states possessing these components. Such states currently dominate and will continue to dominate the modern world for a very long time with virtually no rivals capable of challenging their leadership.

The rest of the countries are destined to serve and provide for such leading states, resigning themselves to the role of second- and third-rate players who have to fulfill orders and be content with what they will be allowed to receive from the technological and intellectual leaders of the modern world.

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