Private states

@ 30.11.2022

They exist. There are many of them. Millions of people live and work in them every day. These states may be located on several continents at the same time, may be subject to several jurisdictions. There may be no laws or restrictions for them.

They are multinational corporations. Giant mechanisms, huge complexes of property, technology, sources of funds. Corporations live by their own laws, different from what we think. Their God is profit, although they never tire of repeating that it is not. They strive to absorb as much territory, markets, consumers, to buy and digest competitors, to enter adjacent spaces, to develop new products, to patent know-how.

They are monsters. Often without soul or limitation. They are the engine of progress and the enslaver of the future - at the same time. They are policies, procedures, restrictions, risks.

They make our lives better and worse at the same time. They enable and take away freedom of choice.

Without them, our world would be more primitive and free. But they are inevitable, just as the future is inevitable.

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