Century 21: Economic Slavery

@ 30.11.2022

What has changed over the few thousand years of humanity's meaningful existence on this planet? Where have we come from and where are we going? Is there hope that life will change for the better?

From slavery with idolatry and the god-imitation of kings, pharaohs, kings, empires, we have moved on to credit, multibillionaires, multinational corporations, sovereign wealth funds and investment banks.

From physical dependence, the constant struggle for survival, and the total imposition of religion, we have moved on to economic dependence in the form of wages, taxes, credit, and the advertising dictates of constant consumption.

All modern human rights and interests, as enshrined in numerous constitutions and conventions, are in fact declarations before the endless quotations of stock exchanges, which can bring entire states with populations of millions into bankruptcy by their plummeting or collapse.

Immense fortunes, industrial, informational, financial empires allow their owners to move with ease across the planet, changing jurisdictions, evading laws, deciding the fates of many thousands of people, hiring or firing them with one stroke of the pen.

Isn't this like the great empires of the past?

Yes, ordinary people are no longer slaves in the literal sense of the word, as was the case in the ancient world.

Yes, we have rights and freedoms. And we are entitled to enjoy them. If we can. You want to use them. Please pay. The right to education, you pay; the right to medical treatment, you pay. The right to freedom of movement, the right to judicial protection, and so on and so forth, is invariably associated with only one thing: a permanent financial burden.

Loans, credits, loans, mortgages, annuity payments - all of these, like fetters, bind modern man, giving him the apparent freedom of life, and imposing on him financial obligations, which he is forced to fulfill by spending his time and money.

Thus the essence of human civilization, despite the giant breakthrough of technological and socio-political development, has not changed in essence, but only changed from physical and mental dependence of man (remember the same religious dictate) to financial and economic, providing a corresponding level of living comfort.

And if earlier the common man had to put up with the idea that he could live his whole life in slavery or other physical dependence, now man is forced to spend most of his life in order to provide himself with shelter and sustenance.

That is, while the current technological and economic capabilities of civilization allow for general welfare, inequality and injustice in the distribution of economic goods point to enormous disparities in living standards among people and result in a correspondingly unsustainable use of resources.

The correction of the aforementioned disequilibrium in the future will give hope for the possibility of a harmonious and sustainable development of civilization in the future, and for eliminating the prospect of returning to the stages already passed again, when all together pay for the mistakes of the rich and prosperous.

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