Terror: Causes and Consequences

// 01.12.2022

Terrorism has always gone hand in hand with politics, being a bloody tool to promote the interests of individuals, groups of influence, and organizations.

The basis of terrorism is its effect on public consciousness, people's attention, fear, panic, and disorder. That is its most powerful external effect - to sow fear in the hearts and souls of people.

Since no religion or ideology can (in order to be recognized by anyone) openly advocate public violence or the killing of people, terror has always been covered by religious dogmas, presented in a distorted form or under the guise of fighting for the rights and freedoms of the oppressed.

The fight against terrorism is an arduous and often elusive undertaking. It is impossible to destroy all the terrorists in the world, nor is it possible to intimidate them, since in most cases the rank-and-file perpetrators are ideological followers on the road to realizing their designs.

Undoubtedly, the first and most important tool and stage in the fight against terrorism is to recognize the prevention of terrorism. And the effect of prevention is achieved not by force of arms and fear, but by goodwill and participation, explanation and information. And most importantly, the eradication of those causes and conditions that push people to commit terrorist acts because of hopelessness, injustice or misinterpretation of religious values.

Ignorance, poverty, disenfranchisement, and religious extremism all push ordinary people into the hands of terrorist ideologues.

Fighting terrorism is never a level playing field. It is always much easier and faster to break and destroy than to create.

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