Unconditional income is the inevitable future

@ 01.12.2022

Although it is hard to believe right now, such an institution as unconditional income for the population will be adopted sooner or later. And it is not about the actual provision of money by the state as unemployment benefits, because individual people have not been able to find employment in their specialty or find work at all.

Unemployment benefits are social assistance for people who find themselves in difficult situations. The institution is clear, proven, and has long been used around the world.

But what if the number of jobs is drastically reduced by new technology, innovation, increased efficiency, the use of robots?

Sooner or later 90 percent of today's human labor will be done by robots. Then what will people do? Maintain and repair robots ? The time will come and this repair and maintenance function will also be performed by robots.

Humans will be left mainly with creative, creative activities. But not everyone is born with this either. It is becoming clear that such a leap in the growth of technology will lead to a qualitative change in society, and in general, to the breaking of the current social foundations. Practically no one is prepared for such a turn of events, and no one is even prepared in principle. Meanwhile, competition and rivalry on the labor market for well-paid positions with the mass release of jobs will increase many times over.

In order to prevent social depression in society, to prevent mass unrest, to prevent the possibility of growth of crime due to unemployment the state sooner or later will be forced to introduce an unconditional income as an official benefit to prevent negative social phenomena: crime, nihilism, depression in society.

Of course, this is a matter of distant future, and for the first time the unconditional income will appear in the developed countries, which will face the above-mentioned problems first of all.

But there is no doubt that it will happen one way or another.

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