Society and Religion

@ 01.12.2022

Another important aspect of social being. Religion is the quintessence of moral views in the community of people, the program of behavior and actions in the social environment.

Religion as a phenomenon was originally meant as a tool for human self-improvement. It is a very powerful and all-encompassing tool, but one that is based on knowledge of the world, personal growth, and the development of cognition. Without these conditions, religion very quickly turned from an instrument of self-improvement into a means of enslavement, control, and management.

Meanwhile, it must be recognized that religion remains the strongest linking community of people and the bearer of the most basic life and moral values for the individual.

In many respects it is thanks to religion that total war of all against all has become impossible, because all faiths of the world preach non-violent and peaceful behavior of man in any of his life manifestations. And causing intentional, unwarranted harm in the world around us is condemned and unacceptable.

In many ways it is religion that can solve most of the social problems facing humanity, because the key to the general welfare is in the mutual behavior of people toward each other and toward the world around them.

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