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@ 01.12.2022

The global processes taking place in the world economy and social life force us to take a closer look at the future of the modern model of human life.

The rapid development of IT and telecommunications technologies, social media, and the mass automation of technological processes makes it possible, and often necessary, to look at everyday life from a completely new and often unimaginable perspective.

The planet is becoming more and more densely covered by numerous layers of telecommunications coverage, and the mass use of wearable electronics, primarily smartphones, makes it possible to track the daily movements of a huge number of people and record the locations of their mass gatherings.

Corporations are accumulating gigantic amounts of information about each of us, analyzing, ranking, forming a separate portrait of each of us's digital personality, including our purchases, passions, travels.

All this happens despite borders and distances, despite language barriers, every day.

But, of course, it is worth noting that the above applies to the part of the world's population living on the bright side, where there is the Internet, modern stores, banks, airports and other benefits of civilization. And do not think that absolutely all people on Earth live a similar, ordinary (from our point of view) life.

There are still places on the planet where modern life has not fully reached. And this is the dark side of the world. Where there is still no access to clean drinking water, or utilities per se (including conventional sewage), no cell phone coverage, no supermarkets with barcodes, no clinics with electronic health records, no insurance policies, no banks with credit cards, no Internet with Facebook, no surveillance cameras.

But there is pervasive garbage, overpopulation, high infant mortality, crime, malnutrition, disease and epidemics, corruption and government abuse.

The two worlds almost never overlap, but coexist on our planet. And there is no hope yet that the dark world will be transformed by the forces of good and justice into the bright side.

The progressive part of the world will enjoy the fruits of progress, the development of technology, live their lives, gradually erasing national differences, turning into a new Babylon, a new post-digital era.

The dark world will remain at the back of the planet, a reservation, a ghetto for the outcasts, who, in the opinion of the golden part of humanity, are unworthy to share with them all the benefits of civilization.

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