Feodal Russia of the 21st century.

@ 01.12.2022

Returning to the contemporary Russian reality of social and political life, we may say that the inner side of life in modern Russia, in all its classes, strata, and strata, does not always seem obvious and obvious to the outside observer.

No one can imagine what goes on behind the closed doors of luxurious secular receptions, with all the rituals and ceremonies, or in abandoned basements and dilapidated buildings with their inhabitants and guests.

Of course, we can state the great stratification of contemporary Russian society, in which for the majority, and the law is not a law, and for some lawlessness and the right of the strong is the only universal law of life.

The current state and business elites live in isolation from the multinational Russian people. Owners of huge financial-industrial groups, top-managers of the state and private companies, the highest officials, prosecutors, the judges, bathed in privileges, the privileges received officially, legally and not so ways deeply not caring on simple citizens of average Russian strip from month to month adding the copecks, that though somehow to scrape by itself on a life.

The notorious "power vertical", based on blind subordination, external idolatry and sycophancy, inside of which there is only the pursuit of short-term interests and benefits of those in power, has become the embodiment of modern Russia. The material position, personal security, and domestic comfort of any Russian entirely depend on proximity to the center of power, the fulfillment of its orders, and the external "ideological identity" of his views and opinions with the official point of view.

This, of course, is on the outside, for show. On the inside, on the contrary, you can do whatever you want without regard to the law and norms of public decency, as long as it does not come into conflict with the will and intent of the Supreme Russian Power, or challenge its authority and status.

Does this remind you of anything? Certainly not modern sovereign Russian democracy. Boyar Russia at the time of Ivan the Terrible? Close. Having shaken off all the outer shell, we are convinced that the essence of social connections and relations in Russian society has remained the same.

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