The Cyberpunk of the Present.

@ 01.12.2022

Hackers, hacker groups, hacks, revelations, anonymous currencies and the darknet.

It has recently become abundantly clear that the most formidable non-lethal weapons of our time are not missiles, not planes, and not drones and drones. At the moment, the most formidable weapon is a product of pure human intelligence - cyberweapons.

While previously it was believed that cybercriminals only hacked into banking systems and stole funds, sensitive information, personal data and, perhaps, industrial espionage, nowadays it has become obvious that hackers have real capabilities to use their available resources and knowledge and their actions can cause full-fledged disasters of technological, social and economic nature.

Information has long been the most valuable resource available to man. Much more valuable than oil, gas, gold or all natural resources combined. The monopoly on the possession of information actually means a competitive advantage.

The tools of managing or obtaining information have become far more important than any other resource, including political or financial resources.

Today's cyber criminals have the ability to hack into computer systems, infect them with malicious software, steal, encrypt, distort or destroy critical information. They can paralyze utility, energy, communications, and payment systems, throw in fake news and misinformation, creating chaos, panic, and helplessness.

Looking at the current media headlines about another hack, another virus, or a cryptocurrency ransom demand, one must realize that everything that fiction writers previously pondered, creating their cyberpunk works, is no longer fiction or a flight of fancy. It's already here and now. Welcome to the future.

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