Social Ceremonies

@ 01.12.2022

An idea came up to write a material about social ceremonies and their role in the life of every person and society. It is no secret that social ceremonies in everyday life have an important and establishing order.

Here I would like to establish one important axiom. Everything that is established by society and people originates from the subconscious part of the human being. The human subconsciousness gives content, meaning, significance, and society only gives it a convenient and comfortable form and embodiment for all.

Social ceremonies are one of the brightest and most vivid examples of this axiom's fidelity. Society cares about order, structuredness, formalization of phenomena and relations in the surrounding world. It is even more important to the individual. Social ceremonies allow man to hide his inner natural inferiority and deprivation behind a sequence of actions and algorithms of behavior.

Social procedures expressed in greetings, norms of decorum, standards of treatment, cultural norms help a person not to get lost in the world around him, to count on a certain attitude on the part of his peers and society as a whole. This supports the person, gives him confidence in the correctness of his behavior and obtaining appropriate positive results.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that social norms should not replace human logic and common sense. Each part of any social ceremony must have its own definite meaning and meaningfulness. A person must understand the meaning and value of social ceremonies, then social ceremonies will be a true guide for a person in everyday reality and will not turn into a surrogate for life.

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