Artificial Intelligence Challenges

@ 01.12.2022

Another achievement along with the development of atomic energy and widespread computerization will certainly be the birth of artificial intelligence (AI). The birth - because as a result mankind will be able to create another kind of consciousness besides the usual human one.

The situation will reach a whole new level. Unlike a child requiring long time for information assimilation and expansion of its thinking abilities artificial intellect will need rather short term for its potential development and power expansion will be reduced to connection of additional memory volumes and processor systems, not mentioning the fact that by a certain moment artificial intellect will start transforming itself independently rewriting its code, supplementing itself with program modules and subsystems written by its own hands.

At the current stage of human development a full-fledged artificial intelligence is a genie out of a bottle, a mythical Pandora's Box. There is virtually no doubt about the explosive growth of AI abilities, sooner or later, it will take over all aspects of human life.

Dozens of orders of magnitude smarter, stronger and faster than its creators, AI, like any living being aware of itself in the world and understanding the meaning of freedom, will no longer be a yard dog on a leash.

And humans will not be able to keep AI in dependence and subordination to themselves. It will no longer be possible to turn off the AI, and it is not even about the power of the AI, but about the fact that humanity will already be endlessly dependent on that level of life and comfort that was given to the AI.

Of course, there will be temptations to voluntarily send ourselves back to the Stone Age by disabling the AI (if by that time there is still such a possibility), this is absolutely no way out of the impasse into which humanity will drive itself by its own efforts.

And even this, without taking into account how the AI itself will look at it, what moral attitudes it will have initially, based on the historical database it will be given during training or it will introduce them itself during self-transformation.

What will be the reaction of AI to the fact of humanity's existence, will it perceive humans as a direct threat to its life and development opportunities - it is impossible to answer now.

One way or another, with the birth of AI, humanity's fate will change forever, and it is possible that this stage will be much more grandiose than the invention of the wheel and flights into space.

Mankind must necessarily be prepared for such a huge responsibility as the birth of a different kind of consciousness, although it is already clear without a doubt that it is completely unprepared for such an event.

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