On the shaking of the world's foundations

@ 30.11.2022

Once again history has taught us a lesson. In violation of the laws of logic and common sense, not what was supposed to happen happened. And the most surprising thing is that despite all the seeming predictability and predictability of the result - it is completely unobvious.

In this sense, though, every system has its misfires. Even such as the American electoral system. Which despite the fact that this system is declared as a democratic one, but in fact it can only be called such with a stretch.

But this is not so important. The problem is that the world geopolitical system is in an unstable state. And any unpredictable situation threatens to ignite a military conflagration on a large or small scale.

Although the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States - only at first glance seems like a misunderstanding. In fact, it is the product of the confrontation and victory of one of the conglomerates of world finance. To be sure, the choice itself does not seem the most spectacular, and rational, but still.

It seems quite obvious that after a while, contrary to Donald Trump's extravagant and adventurous statements, his position and rhetoric will change dramatically, and become more smooth and logical, because the forces that ensured his victory will clearly and unambiguously determine his statements, driving him into a hundred standard political statements based on the actual situation. And that's assuming that Trump doesn't persist and try to show off (pardon the jargon), which he is so fond of doing. It is worth realizing that world politics is not a TV show, and that behind-the-scenes intrigue actually determines official statements, but not the other way around.

Thus, it is worth noting that in fact a "revolution" took place directly by the election of such an odious figure as Trump, but no more than that. The system of world governance and compromise cannot change overnight, and its reform requires enormous resources, influence and time.

And the mere fact that a man who is unlike his predecessors has become president of the United States should not be taken to mean that the world has changed forever.

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