The historical responsibility of power

@ 30.11.2022

This is a rather complex and ambiguous category because it has a serious ethical side if we talk about politics in its modern format, when every public word and action of a politician is recorded and then analyzed, ending up (if of course the politician deserves it) in history textbooks.

Certainly we can find examples of historical responsibility in the actions of many politicians throughout the centuries. These include the Founding Fathers in the United States, Ataturk in Turkey, Charles de Gaulle, and many others.

The historical responsibility of power is made up of many components. First of all, it is the example of a political leader's behavior, which he or she sets for future generations. Generally speaking, historical responsibility is 100 percent oriented and intended for future generations, it is a kind of signal from the past.

Here it is also necessary to say that a political figure must realize quite clearly that in pursuit of fame and satisfaction of personal ambitions, he must not disfigure the historical picture and set an appropriate example for posterity. It is necessary to act with an eye to the consequences that policy will entail. Unfortunately, many modern leaders are completely unaware of the consequences of their actions for their own country and for the world as a whole.

As a result, a perverse picture is formed of the permissiveness of power, its unlimited and uncontrollable nature, which ultimately leads to revolutionary, and often bloody, events of political regime change.

If we take positive examples, the leaders of the past, by their personal example, laid the foundations of the worldview of the entire nation, established values, showed what was the common goal of all citizens of the country and how it should be achieved.

The role of the individual in politics, in modern history is constantly increasing due to globalization and the interpenetration of countries, regions, continents. Information noise fills our space daily with the often thoughtless and empty statements of all kinds of politicians and officials, but only history will be able to give them a fair assessment as time passes.

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