The natural essence of power

@ 30.11.2022

I would like to offer a few thoughts on the nature of power, its ideas, sources and purpose.

The first thesis is that the idea of power must be sought first and foremost in the mind of man. As it seems to us, the very essence and necessity of power is very tightly imprinted in human subconsciousness, at the psychological level. This is where the very idea of power, its necessity, which is very strongly intertwined with other human needs, comes from. A man without power is inconceivable.

The second thesis is that power is inseparably linked to activity, change, transformation, and, at best, creation. Power is inconceivable without active participation, action, expression of will and intention. Is it possible to extend the idea of power exclusively to living beings? What about the laws of universal gravitation, for example? Are they a reflection of the power of inanimate objects, or not? Power is action.

The third thesis states that power in human systems (states and societies, corporations) is primarily aimed at satisfying one's own needs, requirements and interests. In extremely rare cases, power is used for any positive intentions in relations with third parties, without linking it to its own profit and benefit. Power is by nature selfish.

Fourth thesis. Power by nature is of an unconscious, irrational, animal nature. Power often suggests illogical decisions and actions which contradict common sense. Power does not tolerate restrictions, limitations, and restraints, and always strives for absolute growth and expansion.

Fifth thesis. Limitation, restraint of power, its often destructive and uncontrollable essence is the main historical task of man. It can be said that the moment man consciously limits his desire for power is the most telling example of his human nature.

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