Power, History, and Society

@ 30.11.2022

Society creates history. History changes society. And power controls all this. The cause and effect relationship is inseparable.

Like a movie, history can tell us who we are, where we come from, where we are, and where we are going. Unless, of course, it is at least some reliable temporal and factual thread, rather than another phantasmagoria of another politician at the helm of another state, who has decided that he knows better how it was in the past, how it "correctly" happened and what follows from it in the present time.

History as a science is an extremely dangerous field. Just like religion, history has been and is being used to lead society down the "right" and "only right" path. And the opportunities for this are enormous.

Chronicles, legends and other written historical sources - were rewritten at the direct command of rulers in order to hide the unsightly pages of the history of individual states, or to show the merits of specific historical figures much more important than they were in reality.

Certain historical discoveries and discoveries were silenced or not considered at all, or if they were considered, then in isolation from other facts and evidence in order to present the historical course of events exclusively in a favorable light for themselves.

Inconvenient periods of history were repainted in the right colors, or simply covered in black ink of obscurity, mentioning that little, sketchy and insignificant information has survived about that period of history or the life/ruling of one or another statesman.

As a result, history on the pages of school textbooks has become a children's Rubik's cube toy with an inconceivable number of color and semantic variations.

History as an academic science began to resemble a secret branch of knowledge, where insignificant, fragmentary, well-known facts became a hole-like cover for documents, testimonies, facts, discoveries - buried in the depths of departmental state archives in order to hide the possibility of assembling a jigsaw puzzle with anything close to the truth of the historical picture.

As a result of this entire historical farce with state justification, ordinary citizens have an impenetrable, flawed and erroneous opinion of the historical heritage of their state, which may be much more pitiful and unsightly than that which they try to "sell" to us through lectures in museum halls, state television broadcasts, or articles in the tabloid press.

People refuse to look critically at their own nation's history, believing what they are made to believe even regardless of the level of stupidity or fiction of the "editors" of history.

And through the amazing algorithms of the human psyche and public psychology - historical lies become historical "truth". And somewhere we have already seen it all, somewhere we have read. About how Big Brother is the guiding and directing force of society.

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